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I am a strong believer in both uniqueness and timelessness. We are books in the making. Little amounts of stories here and there that truly make us who we are. In any shoot with me, you will participate in something that is real, elegant and authentic to who you are. Not only for now, but for many years to come.

Your images will be around for decades and it’s my vision that the decisions you make today will still resonate in your heart and keep the delicate light of pride lit long into the future. I work with my clients so they are part of something that will endure, that will resonate with who they are and give them the sense that they are part of something great.

I developed Chapters, Lines and Paragraphs; a unique blend of photography, paintings, collages, and a very sophisticated and museum-quality presentation to showcase your images. They are built and designed in-house. I personally design, craft and finish each piece. It is a truly stunning piece of art and is 100% unique to you. I understand your privacy concerns, I am aware of the delicate approach of our photos and I translate that into an excuse-free piece of art. It’s made for your walls and you will be proud to hang it.

I want you to love your pieces because that’s you in the photos, not a fake, short-lived Photoshopped version of you. We work with different sizes to accommodate each client’s space and perception of the art pieces. In the end, we want you to be proud of what you’ve participated in and built. To fully bring a piece of art to light, it needs a space to breathe and a status of grandeur that a book or album alone can not achieve.
 We started working with wood, fabric, and paint to translate our photography into pieces of art. We always knew that certain photos were missing part of their story, by being confined to just one image. Some stories need to be told in more than a thousand words. We wanted more because there is always more to a photo than meets the eye: the preparation, the mood, the genesis that brings the image to life are all tales to be told.

The wonder of what we’ve created, the confidence that you were a part of something truly unique that you can be proud of, needs more than just ink and a frame. We want the pieces we create together to be part of a much larger conversation. These pieces should be felt and realized.

The purpose of Nudefy Me is to create pieces with a history that will inspire others to want it for themselves.
There is no specific size or limit to the materials that can be used to bring these pieces to life. This is meant to be a collaboration, a tale of trust and daring that echoes the inner desire in all of us to create beauty. A very select group of people will gravitate toward books. For Nudefy Me this is part of a testament of your experience, your engraved and immortalized self registered in ink, mixed with paint or maybe hidden in sand, leaves, shadows and many other shades of being.

The final book is so elegant, it’s a tangible thing through which you flip the pages with pride and surprise, with awe and care, with disbelief and delight. You’ve made it. That’s your final proof of a planned and cared execution; your share of being part of something timeless, your pages of delight, your renewed respect for you and your decisions. Your new boundaries being thoughtfully broken and crafted to deliver tales for a lifetime of memories.

 All Nudefy Me clients must be 21+.