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Photography Session


$1895 for a session.

We are building something. When we feel it’s done; we've captured the best of you and have a great memory from’s done. Either in-studio or on location depending on the project we decide to pursue. We usually meet in advance to decide what we want to do and begin planning the details.
 This is no ordinary, pre fab, posed, sale session. It’s apart of the memory. Now currently offering aerial drone photography, underwater photography and the magic of Augmented Reality. We brought the future to you; organic, elegant, surprising and now you control whom sees what. Your privacy is our core brand focus.


We have a variety of sizes, that can be custom made and mounted. We in house finish with resin or encaustic and delivered to you. We can help you with framing and other finishing options, metal, acrylic, canvas, etc.


This is Nudefy Me Book - Brazil

60 Page book – $1340

80 Page book - $1590

100 Page book - $1840

120 page book - $2090

The book is the culmination of how we envision your images. The book tells the story of you, and it is a piece of your personal history. When designing it, we take every step to ensure that you tell a unique and beautiful story with your images. The book is available in two finishes – Egg shell pages or Italian bound leather. Hardcover with Image Wrap. 100-lb paper. 



$1550 ($1380 when you buy 3 or more) (various sizes available, can be custom made to fit your needs and specifications)

CHAPTERS are a great touch to add to this experience. It’s an image that evokes you, that intrigues its viewers and brings elegance and glamour to the walls of any room. The whole concept of Nudefy Me is to bring nude photography from the bottom of your forgotten drawers and let it tastefully breathe on the walls in your home. Augmented reality is now available across the board of products, including, posters, books and art pieces. It really makes a difference and expands your viewing experience while keeping you in control of your collection of images. You have much more to show and you are in control all the time.