This is Nudefy Me Book – Price base for Weddings and Portraits books too.
60 Page book – $1440
80 Page book – $1640
100 Page book – $1840
120 Page book – $2090
The book is the culmination of how we envision your images. The book tells the story of you, and it is a piece of your personal history. When designing it, we take every step to ensure that you tell a unique and beautiful story with your images. The book is available in two finishes – Eggshell pages or Italian bound leather. Hardcover with Image Wrap. 100-lb paper.
We are always researching vendors for the best materials, finishes and ways to present your final purchase.
We also have available in house, custom made, cover to cover book made either by me or a female partner, that specializes in bookmaking. This is a special order book to ensure the highiest demands of privacy. Ask us about it.