The Empress


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The Hotel Experience. The plan is we go to a hotel, we do some fun facial exercises, they are fun, to get you at ease. We start with “I am Light” a simple set to capture some abstract forms and get you to be comfortable and playful.

Remember this is not a job for you, it’s a joy, let’s work on the fun. We then switch to “The Bed” where we capture a more sensual, sexy, erotic you, always following your boundaries. We again move to the “Milk & Flowers” part of the shoot, where we have a bathtub mixed with milk and flowers. That’s such a classic, beautiful combination of colors. We can switch that for single colors of translucent plastic for more dramatic and contemporary effects.

With that we have a solid collection of diverse images in different styles where we can later select for your art piece, reveal box, light installation or book.

Time flies by, when we see, 2, 3 hours have passed.