I did not expect to have as much fun as I did

Igor and I worked in the same building a few years ago and I remember always walking by his office and admiring all his beautiful photos. His space was surrounded by beautiful women and I’ve always thought, WOW…..

I love how they are able to exude such confidence and class while being sexy all at the same time. When Igor approached me and asked if I’d be interested in shooting with him, I initially thought there’s no way I’d be able to do that. I was a 31yr old single mother who was not pleased with her body but I eventually agreed.

The photoshoot itself was such a great experience and I did not expect to have as much fun as I did. I already knew Igor as such a kind-hearted and down to earth man but when he’s in his element he creates magic! The photos speak for themselves and you’ll walk away looking and feeling amazing! If you’re having any doubt about working with Nudefy Me, I challenge you to take that risk because you won’t regret it. ~A.G

BEST birthday present and photoshoot experience ever!!!!

THANK you Igor for all the fabulous photos you were able to capture – they are incredible and by far the most memorable and thoughtful birthday gift I have ever received!!! I will forever cherish these photos and look at them whenever I’m in need of a boost of confidence 😉 You not only made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the photoshoot but you also made it fun!! I was easily able to step out of my comfort zone and truly enjoyed the experience. I also really appreciated you taking the time to get to know me and respected what I was comfortable with. BEST birthday present and photoshoot experience ever!!!!” ~ Birthday girl

I don’t just call photos but reflections of soul, light, and heart

How to describe my photos with Igor?

First that I don’t just call photos but reflections of soul, light, and heart, I was able to experience the best version of myself and discover that I am the main inspiration of myself it was incredible to participate in this so beautiful and sincere.

Thank you Igor you are light. ~E.M

Igor created a “monster”…

I got to know Igor’s work through a friend. I saw the beautiful pictures she had taken with him, and of course, I was delighted. Little did I know that I was about to experience one of the best experiences of my life.

I have always loved photography, and I love being photographed, but I had never had the confidence to take more sensual photos …. nudes?

It seemed like a myth. I remember my first conversation with Igor at a coffee shop in Berkeley. When he started talking about his work, his eyes shone, and I decided I would be in good hands.

We scheduled our photos, and I do not deny that I was nervous. Still, Igor, as an excellent professional, left me very comfortable and made me feel feminine and sexy in a super unique way. Since then, we have had several photoshoots, and they are always more than simple photographic sessions … they are life experiences. Good experiences. I always learn and increasingly feel more respect for the professional and wonderful human being he is.

I often say that Igor created a “monster”… I am a confident woman behind the camera and in my daily life, and I owe part of that to one of the most relevant photographers I have ever met.

Photography has that power.

Thank you, Igor, for so much ✨~ L.F

every shoot showed me a new me…

Having Igor shoot many phases of my life was beyond empowering, every shoot showed me a new me, the first one, perfect skinny body, some flaws but no pregnancies yet, 5 shoots later, another complete different body, softer, some flaws, more curves than I would like, more stretch marks but even more fierce, it housed two human beings. Igor has a way of photographing the essence and emotion of who you are, his photos are elegant and timeless, you can look at all his portfolio, you’ll never going to see one photo that looks like another, and he brings this uniqueness to every shoot, and that’s why I love this genius as a person and as an artist.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable and beautiful in my own skin. You da best! ~V.R