Igor is the best!

Igor is the best! I am generally very shy and don’t feel comfortable about my body, but with him, everything changed!

I changed!

It’s like I was just there by myself playing with my body and dancing to the music of the waves. And I got amazing photographs!!!

Highly recommend this experience to every woman! And do it with Igor, he is incredible! ~K. F

Great Experience, Great Photographer

I meet Igor randomly, we connected through art. I can say I experience his craft as a model and as his assistant once; I can say he is a respectful human being and amazing artist that will let you connect with yourself respectfully.

And there is the beauty of his art. It will be always about you.

I wish you all the best and will recommend you sincerely. ~ V.R


There are no words to express exactly how amazing my experience was!
Igor is a genius! At first, I was feeling very vulnerable and scared. I was scared of being naked in front of him and outside, especially being a larger woman.

Once we began the shoot I felt more and more comfortable. I can honestly say it changed my perception of my body and myself. I became more confident and open. The experience made me love myself in ways I never had before. Once we finished the session I was afraid of how the pictures would look, but nothing prepared me for the stunning work he created.

I am proud of the work we did and beyond grateful for the experience. The finished project blew my mind! What an amazing artist he is!
Superb!!!! ~J.B

There’s no other photographer like Igor!

There’s no doubt Igor is an extremely talented photographer.

You can see it in all the amazing photographs he takes. I am 41, mother of two. I didn’t want the silly photos. I wanted the real deal, the honest, timeless pieces.

What makes the whole experience so special is the way he kindly caters to you and makes you feel at ease during the photo session. You can trust that he will honor you for who you truly are in a very creative way.

You get the unique experience AND you get the gorgeous results.

He is the most creative, honest, kind and professional photographer in the field! ~P.S

Marvelous Gift to my Husband

I’ve known Igor for a long time and always admired his photography and I started to be intrigued by his Nudefy Me version of it. I decided to do it despite my age (I’m 58 and a Mother and a Grandmother).

Aside from being a friend, Igor is very professional; he made me feel at ease, very comfortable and secured and we worked together to build a gift for my husband, a book of 30 pages of beautiful and tasteful nude photography that reflects my personality and sexuality.

I love his work and my husband was very thrilled with the surprise gift! ~G.B