Experience of myself.

Living this experience with Igor went far beyond a photographic work, was self-awareness, was seeing me with other eyes, was complete.
I’ll take this photographed “experience of myself” to proudly share to my grandchildren one day.
A complete professional. ~M.G

Liberated lady

I came to Igor through the recommendation from a close friend who worked with him before to make the most amazing pictures! I wanted something raw and natural.

I was just exiting an abusive relationship and entering a new wonderful healthy romantic relationship and I wanted to reclaim power over my sexuality and create something expressive of my current journey in life.

Igor was very receptive and kept all of our dealings private and respectful. He treated me with dignity and communicated with me artistically about possibilities for the shoot.

Day of the shoot Igor did everything to make me feel comfortable. He took control of the shoot with great suggestions on posing and scenes and really made the most of our time together to make my ideas come to life.

I felt incredibly liberated by the experience and my partner said no one had ever done anything so wonderful for him.

We purchased the book and it was very special to see the pictures displayed with such quality and to see the artistic vision of collaboration of both our ideas come to life in the book. I absolutely love it! ~S.H

They really capture my essence.

Igor has a true gift of making one feeling comfortable, free, and truly embodied. It was a creative and artistic experience and I can honestly say I would likely not do this experience with anyone else. I really love the photos that came – they really capture my essence and nature but almost equally significant, I carry the empowering goddess experience with me. ~E.M

I simply super recommend Nudefy Me!

When I turned 40 I allowed myself to experience that changed relationship with my body and how I saw myself through the lens of Nudefy Me.

It was photography and art, but not only: it opened my mind. It was very professional of him, respecting my spaces, time and personality.

But it was magic too! He led lightly to arouse a sensuality that I did not know in magical contact with nature and made me feel part of it.

The result was beautiful, pure art, telling me that I can do more, much more! ~T.C

I could not be more pleased!

When I hired Igor to develop a photo book as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend I had no idea how spectacular the whole process would be.

He is so creative and was fun to work with. The book is so beautiful and unique. – each photo was so carefully choreographed and executed.

This was one of the most special and personal gifts I’ve ever given and I’m so happy I worked with a professional like Igor! (By the way, the BF loved it!) ~R.R